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14 December 2013 / Joel

Sunset in New York State


26 February 2013 / Jordyn

Winter Vacation

Our little jaunt began with a visit to Joel’s brother and his family in Bethesda.  Madeline was feeling a little under the weather while we were there, so we didn’t get to enjoy any of her impressive ping-pong skills, but she did treat us to several episodes of Strawberry Shortcake (which were remarkably watchable).

The Mad Lib

The Mad Lib does not mess around.

Then we headed up to NYC to Dan Friel‘s record release party at the Knitting Factory, at which Joel contributed to an acoustic friendship band playing a couple of DF tunes.  All very awesome.

Record Release action!

Green screen!

Then we headed even further north to go snowboarding at the Stowe Resort on Mt. Mansfield.

Mt. Mansfield

The snow in Stowe grows mainly in a row.

We took lessons the first day from George in the morning and then Mark in the afternoon. Joel had snowboarded a bunch when he was younger, so the lessons were more like a refresher for him. I, on the other hand, was a blank slate. I fell on my butt and my knees a lot. Like, a lot.

But on the second day, we struck out on our own, and things got much better! Check it out:

Photo credit: Joel Roston

Photo credit: Joel Roston

And just because I love you:

I can haz snowboarding.

I can haz snowboarding.

The pants I am sporting above are courtesy of Hyde Away Farm, my sister’s husband’s parents’ house in Hyde Park, where we got to stay. The view out the kitchen window is of this, but without leaves and covered in snow:

The backyard of Hyde Away Farm in August.

On our way home we stopped and had lunch at the Covered Bridge Restaurant in Contoocook, NH.

in Contoocook, NH

The view from our booth. 



4 April 2012 / Jordyn

Oat Milk

We are experimenting with making our own milk(s)! First up, oat milk:


This stuff is pretty thick, so we’re going to try doing half oat, half rice next time. Stay tuned!

30 August 2011 / Jordyn

Mom’s Zucchini Bread…


…transformed into Jordyn’s Beet Bread.

27 August 2011 / Jordyn

Secret Snail


29 July 2011 / Jordyn

On the way to the post office


23 July 2011 / Joel

The Death of a Metaphor


It appears that there’s an actual BM train.

20 July 2011 / Joel

Change? Counted.


$304.50 (in pennies, nickels, and dimes (we don’t count quarters (we spend them))).

19 July 2011 / Jordyn

Counting Epic Amounts of Change


15 July 2011 / Jordyn

You know you’re home when




…you go thru the car wash.