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24 June 2011 / Jordyn

Off we go!



…to some sweet traffic one block from our house.


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  1. Erica / Jun 25 2011 00:01

    So, where are you going?

    • Joel / Jun 25 2011 04:47

      Well! We’re currently in Connecticut until Sunday, at which point we head down to Bethesda, MA. for a lightning, overnight hang. Monday we’re off to North Carolina until Wednesday morning. We leave North Carolina and head through Georgia, hitting the Georgia Guidestones, en route to Houston, TX, where we check out Rothko Chapel before landing in Austin, TX for, like, days. Post-TX, we shoot up to Little Rock.

      After that, nothing is set in stone. A possible Dakotic adventure is definitely on the table, but, also, according to The Internet and my local NPR station, the table is totally being evacuated due to flooding.

      Let’s hang when we get back!

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