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29 June 2011 / Jordyn

36 hours in Durham, NC


Pictured here is 1/2 of our hosts, Mr. Kevin Neary, during our second visit to the coffee shop near his and Mollie’s house.  Actually, Kevin is maybe only 1/4 of our Durham Denizens, if you count Ms. Bernie Cat and Mr. Dash Cat.


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  1. Mollie / Jun 29 2011 16:45

    You will be missed! Thanks for brightening up our lives for 36 hours!

    • Jordyn / Jun 29 2011 16:47

      Thank YOU wonderful people.

  2. Nearster / Jun 29 2011 18:12

    That my friends is the sleepy super happy look of someone on hour 35 of hanging with two of his dearest buds. Already wishing for another 36+.

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