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30 June 2011 / Jordyn

More Guidestones

I’m not sure what led us to discover the Georgia Guidestones in life, but it was a few years ago and ever since we have wanted to go see them.

Their location on Georgia State Route 77 north of Elberton was just as obscure as we had thought it would be, but we were surprised by how small the stones looked from the road.

The lack of pomp surrounding the stones felt strange.  They projected the air of both ancient artifact and brand-new mega-church.

Perhaps it was this sensibility, combined with the fact that the stones’ message is in a modern language that I can read, that seemed to trivialize their purpose.  But regardless of why, I felt less reverence than I think I had wanted or expected to.

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  1. Nearster / Jul 8 2011 14:33

    But…Where do they come?

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