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5 July 2011 / Joel

Addendum to the Houston Entry, Family-Hang Update/Other News, and The UIDI Front

There are a bunch of people here and we are all cool.

There are a bunch of tomato slices here.

So, the nearly-personable people who staff the Rothko Chapel chapel didn’t allow us to listen to the Feldman piece in the space due to the fact that it’s an “electronics free zone.” That’s fine and all and I understand that those are the rules; I just feel like they informed us of that particular regulation with a tone that indicated that they believed that an “electronics free zone” is, like, a common type of zone.

In other news: The intra-family hang here in the great and glorious state of Texas has been and continues to be pretty epic. We met our niece, Olive, and have had some super quality time with our nephews, Naz and Bo. This visit, coupled with last week’s lightning-Bethesda-chill-time starring my brother (Eric), sister-in-law (Karen), and niece (Madeline), creates, like, the Voltron of niece/nephew/road-trip synergy.

On the utterly-incapacitated-due-to-illness front, here is a list of people who (1) are currently in this house and (2) have strep: Sera (Jordyn’s sister), Adam (Sera’s husband (getting better)), and Jordyn* (Jordyn).

We’re supposed to head to Arkansas tomorrow to visit with none other than Ron and Patty Bonds, but it’s looking like we’ll have to hang here until (1) Jordyn gets over her strep, (2a) I get strep, and (2b) I get over my strep.

*A note on determining whether or not Jordyn has a fever: Jordyn appears to reserve a very certain version of her personality for (1) having a fever and (2) taking a bath. If I spot these particular characteristics surfacing, the first thing I do is check to see if she’s taking a bath. If the answer to that question is “No.” then she has a fever.


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  1. Farhad Ebrahimi / Jul 6 2011 02:13

    I like everything about this other than the fact that people are sick.

  2. Sera Bonds / Jul 11 2011 16:24

    Can’t wait for the next epic posting, so glad you made it out of here, although we do miss you. But your immune system and your tonsils are happy for your grand escape. Love you~

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