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13 July 2011 / Joel

Who Wasn’t Psyched and What That Person Wasn’t Psyched About

The soy-chai maker/pastry-treat liaison at yesterday’s Starbucks in [Somewhere], Tennessee was not psyched that I accidentally used the phrase “Rice Krispie Treat” to mean “Marshmallow Dream Bar.”

13 July 2011 / Jordyn

Appalachian Afternoon




We’ve been temporarily grounded in Winchester, VA while the serious-looking storm above passes thru.

12 July 2011 / Jordyn

Crossing the Mississippi into Memphis


12 July 2011 / Joel

Where We Are Now, Strep-Check, Caffeine, and Cato, Arkansas (With Lassoing)

We’re in Little Rock, Arkansas tonight hanging with normal-sized Zack, normal-sized Olivia, and tiny, tiny Olive.*

Jordyn is completely and totally without strep at this point and I still seem to be fine.

We have, quite accidentally, not ingested caffeine since Saturday morning — a sad fact that we intend to remedy in, like, ten hours (by which, of course, I mean that we’re going to end this particular run of not-having caffeine — we’re not going to, like, re-live Sunday and today “with caffeine” (if we could, though, I think we’d both be open to it.)).

We spent the past few days with Ron and Patty Bonds in Cato, Arkansas doing all sorts of Ron-Bonds-cowboy stuff and just hanging around.

For instance:

1a. We had a lasso lesson.

Lassoing things is easier than sixteenth-century counterpoint, but more difficult than, like, just trying to tie something with string.

1b. And then straight-up lassoed some stuff.

2. Ron recently cut down and milled a bunch of trees at the Bonds family farm in Clinton, Arkansas and was kind enough to set some wood aside for me to bring back up to Boston. He and I spent an exceptionally hot Sunday planing and cutting boards.

The lasso(s) live(s) right up there on the wall over the planing station.

Luckily, there was a five year old around to clean up the mess.

Long story shizz-ort: In the car at this very moment is roughly eight feet of cherry, cedar, birch, and black walnut and about five feet of oak.

3a. We straight up raided the garden.

Yes, those are real horse shoes.

3b. With these kids (Jeremiah and Julia (brother and sister)).**

Yes, those are real children.

Finally, here’s one minute of what Cato sounded like just before midnight last night:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

*Dudes. Total bouncer.

**Lefty is the one who cleaned up the woodshop shavings.

10 July 2011 / Jordyn

Austin Addendum



Despite the fact that I had strep for 5/8 of our stay there, I don’t want to give the impression that the family QT wasn’t awesome! See above.

10 July 2011 / Jordyn

30 Minutes in Greenville, TX



I lived here with my family for a few years in the late 80s. I’ve  only been back once, more than ten years ago.

Above are pictures of our house and the church we attended down the street from our house.

Things are surprisingly like I remember them, though I was a young child when we lived here.

10 July 2011 / Jordyn

I can’t believe we finally left Austin


At long last, I felt well enough to soldier on this morning, so off we went toward Arkansas.

This is a photo of the lunch we ate at a Waffle House in Desoto, Texas.

8 July 2011 / Joel

New Ringtone Composition

To celebrate the acquisition of my new phone here in Austin, TX, I wrote myself a somewhat-personally-significant (harmonically and melodically speaking) ringtone while watching Iron Man 2.

The trick, of course, is to keep things sounding ringtone-y.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

8 July 2011 / Joel

The thoughts of a [hmmmhrmmm] Phoenix and a Personal Health Report

So, Jordyn, like a mother-fucking phoenix, is slowly ascending from her strep k-hole and has, thankfully, traded in her pen and notepad for her, you know, like, self.

As a goodbye to her illness and a tribute to the loving girl/best friend herself, I have collected, without context, my favorite entries from her conversational steno-pad (in chronological order).


1. I’m out of clean underwear.

2. Don’t make me laugh! It hurts! 🙁

3. Yes, have some.

4. Anti-apartheid dude.

5. Have you seen the original?

6. It’s crazy that a single civilization ruled that area for thousands of years.

7. I don’t know why anyone in the East Bay tries to have a grass lawn.

8. Mine is like 126. They always say that my ratio between good & bad cholesterol is great.

9. The Matrix

10. You can’t keep yourself from swallowing in your sleep.

11. He always tries to make me Christian.

12. I remembered – I just didn’t want to miss the expozish so I was waiting a sec.

13. I think I’ll eat it in the morning.

14. I want to painlessly drink water!

15. Since I don’t pee anymore, I don’t need any.

16. What a douche! Is he worth the chase?

17. Joel didn’t get me cepacol ’cause they only had lozenges.

18. Joel is my personal attaché.

19. I just wanted you to tell him that I have no voice so he doesn’t think we’re weird!

20. Birthdays aren’t part of your religion.

21. I hate career-builder.

22. Nothing’s biting you!

23. So, let’s not get carried away looking for some platonic ideal of a flip-flop.

24. The wheatgrass did nothing?

25. My poor liver.

26. I know, but it was a startlingly grotesque hand gesture.

27. Now you see! You were all dismissive of my concern at the time.

Also: W/r/t my health sitch, I’m not unhappy to report that my strep-lessness continues to persist.

6 July 2011 / Jordyn

DVDs I have watched since contracting strep throat on Sunday

Flightplan, starring Jodie Foster
Nobelity, a documentary
Iron Man, which I have now seen like 4 times
Egypt’s Golden Empire, a PBS home video

A note on this last guy: While somewhat informative, I felt like PBS padded this thing a lot. It could have been at least an hour shorter and could have done without the repeating re-enactment footage.

Furthermore, I was left with the impression that it’s a miracle there are any artifacts left for us to decipher given how keen the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were to erase any evidence of previous “administrations”.