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5 July 2011 / Joel

Addendum to the Houston Entry, Family-Hang Update/Other News, and The UIDI Front

There are a bunch of people here and we are all cool.

There are a bunch of tomato slices here.

So, the nearly-personable people who staff the Rothko Chapel chapel didn’t allow us to listen to the Feldman piece in the space due to the fact that it’s an “electronics free zone.” That’s fine and all and I understand that those are the rules; I just feel like they informed us of that particular regulation with a tone that indicated that they believed that an “electronics free zone” is, like, a common type of zone.

In other news: The intra-family hang here in the great and glorious state of Texas has been and continues to be pretty epic. We met our niece, Olive, and have had some super quality time with our nephews, Naz and Bo. This visit, coupled with last week’s lightning-Bethesda-chill-time starring my brother (Eric), sister-in-law (Karen), and niece (Madeline), creates, like, the Voltron of niece/nephew/road-trip synergy.

On the utterly-incapacitated-due-to-illness front, here is a list of people who (1) are currently in this house and (2) have strep: Sera (Jordyn’s sister), Adam (Sera’s husband (getting better)), and Jordyn* (Jordyn).

We’re supposed to head to Arkansas tomorrow to visit with none other than Ron and Patty Bonds, but it’s looking like we’ll have to hang here until (1) Jordyn gets over her strep, (2a) I get strep, and (2b) I get over my strep.

*A note on determining whether or not Jordyn has a fever: Jordyn appears to reserve a very certain version of her personality for (1) having a fever and (2) taking a bath. If I spot these particular characteristics surfacing, the first thing I do is check to see if she’s taking a bath. If the answer to that question is “No.” then she has a fever.

30 June 2011 / Jordyn

Signs of Texas

Before a bridge on I-10 heading west:

Lost River | Old River

30 June 2011 / Joel

Where we are, What’s On the Radio, How I’m Feeling About it, and What Our Intentions are For the Rest of the Day

Louisiana, as far as I can tell, is a five-layer state: Asphalt, grass, fence, tree-tops, and sky.

We’re in Louisiana en route to Houston, TX.

Bruce Springsteen is on the radio. I’m into it, but I’m mostly thinking about Kate Bush today.

Our plan is to head to Rothko Chapel where we hope to sit and listen to Morton Feldman‘s piece, “Rothko Chapel,” inspired, obvs, by you-know-what.

Post-that-business (like, tonight), we’ll be heading to Austin for a mega-intra-family super-hang.

30 June 2011 / Jordyn

Meanwhile, back in Brighton…

Mike has been taking care of business.

30 June 2011 / Jordyn

We traveled the length of interstate I-85 this week

I only just realized it last night, but we took this puppy all the way from Petersburg, VA to Montgomery, AL.  It was a sweet, sweet ride.

30 June 2011 / Jordyn

Belated Bethesda

Perhaps you’ve been wondering what happened to us after leaving CT, but before arriving in NC.  You may have inferred from the Maryland’s got some weird exits post that we just blew right through that state.  But no.  We stopped in Bethesda.

I’ve spied this castle-like structure from I-495 many times.  I kind of don’t want to know what it is.

Most of our brief stay in the big B was spent receiving Madeline’s wily ping-pong serves.  Above you can see how Joel and Karen are simply no match for her epic topspin-slice.

30 June 2011 / Jordyn

More Guidestones

I’m not sure what led us to discover the Georgia Guidestones in life, but it was a few years ago and ever since we have wanted to go see them.

Their location on Georgia State Route 77 north of Elberton was just as obscure as we had thought it would be, but we were surprised by how small the stones looked from the road.

The lack of pomp surrounding the stones felt strange.  They projected the air of both ancient artifact and brand-new mega-church.

Perhaps it was this sensibility, combined with the fact that the stones’ message is in a modern language that I can read, that seemed to trivialize their purpose.  But regardless of why, I felt less reverence than I think I had wanted or expected to.

30 June 2011 / Joel

Text Message and My Best Friend with Mysterious Stones

The best text message that I’ve received in the past few days came from my extra-pal Farhad Ebrahimi and read:

“I’d like to report a red shorts index of 1.0.”

Also, here’s a picture of the J-Train at The Georgia Guidestones:

Leave room for nature.

29 June 2011 / Jordyn

36 hours in Durham, NC


Pictured here is 1/2 of our hosts, Mr. Kevin Neary, during our second visit to the coffee shop near his and Mollie’s house.  Actually, Kevin is maybe only 1/4 of our Durham Denizens, if you count Ms. Bernie Cat and Mr. Dash Cat.

28 June 2011 / Jordyn

High Noon, Durham